Stapleline and S2Medical sign partnership agreement

Stapleline is pleased to inform you about further outstanding news.

We cordially welcome the Swedish company S2 Medical as an innovative manufacturer of products for wound healing.

After extensive preliminary negotiations, the finished contract was signed on the second day of the Medica. With this signature Stapleline Medizintechnik GmbH became the exclusive distributor for the products of S2Medical in Germany.

S2 Medical was represented by Messrs Mårten Skog (COO) and Le Jan Leyable, Stapleline by Natalia Krychtina (CEO), Olaf Herrmann and Sam Paviltchenko.

The Swedish company is known for its clinically proven product in the field of (burn) wound healing. Epiprotect®2117 – based on a biosynthetic polymer of sugar molecules – supports wound treatment in a cost-effective way. The product contributes to healing and protection of the wound, especially in the case of burns of all kinds. Among other things, its outstanding properties such as impermeability to bacteria, haemostatic effect, breathability, compatibility with antibiotics and last but not least its analgesic effect offer patients significantly improved chances of recovery.

Natalia Krychtina very much welcomes the future cooperation and is looking forward to expanding the product range, primarily because Epiprotect®2117 replaces Suprathel, which has been marketed in the past.

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