Medical Technology NRW-Japan

After the Japanese delegation had visited Stapleline at Medica 2019, the team flew to Fukushima, Japan, accompanied by several North Rhine-Westphalian medical technology companies, one week later.

As part of the cooperation between NRW and Fukushima Prefecture, the “Medical Technology NRW-Japan” project aims to bring together companies from both countries to initiate joint developments and jointly open up the markets in Japan and Germany.

Stapleline international in Japan

The journey began with the reception of the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture.
At the meeting between the regional government and the international business leaders, relations were cultivated and new innovations were discussed.
With the support of the Japanese side, efforts to establish a new, forward-looking industry in Fukushima Prefecture are to be further promoted.

From the regional administrative headquarters, the team went on to visit the Mitsufuji company in Kawamata. This was followed by a tour of the company, where there was an opportunity to look behind the scenes of a Japanese company. The Stapleline team used this opportunity to learn more about the processes and mentality of the globally famous nation.

After visiting a medical technology manufacturer, the journey ended with a tour of a consumer in the same industry, the Fukushima Medical University Hospital. In Japan, hospitals and clinics are the main consumers of medical products. The modern equipped hospital convinced the participants of the guided tour especially with its progressive character.

On behalf of Stapleline, Natalia Krychtina (CEO) expresses her sincere thanks for the opportunity and is delighted to be working with another global player.

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