The stapling experts

„Connecting Quality“ – this is our motto, which we follow every day.

„Stapleline has made it its top priority to make the maximum contribution to the well-being of patients. This is what we stand for with our name“, says Natalia Krychtina, CEO of the company.

Almost 15 years Stapleline – Long experience is a guarantee for the quality of the products

In almost 15 years of the company´s history, our products have been continuously developed and improved so that optimal functionality in the application of the products can be assured. This long experience and the excellent (inter)national relationships with producers, distributors, clinics and medical professionals make us experts in the field of stapling instruments.

Our strategy is innovation and specialization
Stapleline is a medical technology company that was founded in Bochum in 2006. Since then we have specialised in the production and distribution of surgical stapling instruments, which are mainly used in the fields of laparoscopy, open surgery and coloproctology. Our product portfolio also includes innovative products to improve wound healing after burn injuries and surgical face masks as well as respirator masks certified and approved for medical use.

Quality? Secured! – We rely on precision and cooperation
What does that mean exactly? Stapleline focuses on quality in many different ways, proved by the DIN EN ISO 13485 certification and the diverse product certificates. We also work closely together with doctors, hospitals and scientists. The collaboration with the University hospital Aachen and Prof. Jan Spillner is particularly sucessful and trustful. The clinic is supported by Stapleline in product optimisation. The physicians use Stapleline products – normally intended for laparoscopic procedures – to conduct research into vascular apllications.

During production, quality assurance and precision are the focus of attention: before the delivery to the customer, each instrument and its accompanying magazine is checked twice by specially trained quality managers for defects in functionality and is only released for sale if the product works perfectly. A visual identity system is also used to ensure the correct positioning of the staples in each case. This process is recorded on video and can be tracked at any time by the serial number.

Only by adhering to these precisely coordinated production steps is it possible to guarantee the greatest possible customer satisfaction and ideal patient treatment.

Would you like to get further information about the company and our products? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail: or just give us a call: +49 234 9368710 We are looking forward to hear from you!

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