Proctolux – self-luminous Proktoskope

The self-luminous sigmoidoscope significantly simplifies the examination of the last section of the colon for the examiner. This minimally invasive examination, which non-physicians also like to call “small colonoscopy”, can an be decisive in colon cancer screening.

Sigmolux is an stand-alone, high-quality, wireless and self-luminous sigmoidoscope system that optimizes the examination conditions. During sigmoidoscopy, the “Clear View System” with its protected light cable and lens provides a well-lit view of the diagnostic area. The Sigmolux system is supplied with an insufflator for inflating the intestine.

The maximum light intensity is achieved for at least 30 minutes.  It continues to burn with full brightness even after this time. As a disposable instrument with a pre-assembled light source, you can avoid cross-contamination and can also examine where you want. No cables are needed, no additional lighting or sockets. Sigmolux is easy to use and reduces maintenance and repair costs. After being used once, the device can be disposed of in the garbage. The batteries mounted in the device do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium or lithium.

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