PPH-Set with Hemorrhoids Stapler

Our PPH set with haemorrhoid stapler and accessories was specially developed for haemorrhoidopexy according to Longo, which is also called haemorrhoid stapler surgery.

Since the set was developed especially for this operation, it contains not only the haemorrhoid stapler (PPH stapler), but also an anal dilator, a purse-string suture anoscope and a thread guide. Professor Longo’s haemorrhoidopexy is a staple suture surgical alternative to classical haemorrhoid surgery, which means less pain and faster healing for patients. In this procedure, the surgeons do not remove the haemorrhoidal knots, but bring them back to their natural anatomical position by means of a mucous membrane lift.

Special features of the haemorrhoid stacker set:

The transparent housing of the stacker ensures that the surgeon can easily see what tissue is already in the container. The large volume also holds larger quantities of tissue. A screw with a firm grip prevents the surgeon from slipping. Over-compression of the tissue is not possible. And finally, a uniquely hardened cutting ring ensures precise cutting of the tissue and a loud clicking noise.

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