The Veress needle is a sterile disposable cannula that is frequently used for minimally invasive or laparoscopic procedures. It is also known as a gas insufflation cannula. If the surgeon wishes to apply a pneumoperitoneum and fill the patient’s abdomen with carbon dioxide, the Veress needle is the standard instrument. The surgeon first presses the Veress needle onto the abdominal wall so that the atraumatic protective cap is pushed back and the sharp hollow needle is exposed. If the peritoneum is penetrated, the cap automatically jumps forward again and covers the needle tip. In this way, the organs cannot be injured. Now the peritoneal cavity can be filled with carbon dioxide in order to safely insert the trocars for the optics.

The Veress needle is made of surgical stainless steel and has an atraumatic protective cap, an ergonomically shaped handle and a particularly flexible spring. It is available in different sizes.

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