Surgispon is a tampon made of an absorbable gelatine haemostyptic for anal and vaginal use. With these gelatine sponges it is possible to stop the patient’s bleeding within two minutes. In addition, Surgispon absorbs 40-50 times its own weight in water, oxalate or blood.

Surgispon Haemostyptica are pH-neutral, free of harmful substances, not immuno- or pyrogenic, do not interact with other drugs and do not cause allergies. Because the tampons are mainly used in the anal and vaginal area due to their shape, surgeons often use them to achieve haemostasis in haemorrhoidectomies, operations of anal fistulas and fissures and in the gynaecological area in scrapings and hysterectomies. Depending on the intended use, the tampons can be cut to size or soaked with sterile saline solution or antibiotic/medicinal solution.

Patients finally excrete the Surgispon in a natural way, which reduces care costs. Since the risk of postoperative bleeding is also reduced, the clinic makes considerable savings. Due to that, residence times are shortened by up to four days.

The hemostyptic Surgispon tampons are gamma sterilized and delivered in sponge or film form in a convenient, tear-open, sterile blister. Unlike many other Haemostyptica, no special storage conditions are required.

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