Endobag Retriever Bag

The Endobag with applicator is a self-opening extraction bag with an applicator with a diameter of 10 mm. The Endobag retriever bag is used in laparoscopic operations. If, for example, an ovary is operated on or a gall bladder is removed as part of a laparoscopy, Endobag retriever bag is used.

In the case of tumour resections, the self-opening bag also facilitates the surgeon’s work, reducing the risk of contamination and increasing patient safety. The bag is made of a flexible and durable material. It will be unfolded inside the visceral cavity and closed with a wire after the bag has been filled with the resectate. Depending on the type of surgical procedure for which the disposable bag is to be used, there are three different bag sizes with volumes of 200, 400 and 800 millilitres.

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