Absorbable Hemostatic Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose

After using the Surgi-ORC, bleeding is stopped within 3-4 minutes. Surgi-ORC absorbs the blood and forms a black gelatinous mass that supports clot formation at the application site. The purely herbal product creates a bactericidal environment due to the low pH value of the material. The material guarentees unique flexibility in use and is completely absorbed within 7-10 days. Surgi-ORC is available in 4 different versions: 1.Original 2.Fabril (especially for orthopedic, cardiovascular, neuro- and vascular operations) 3.Knit (laparoscopic compatibility, can be used for diffuse organ bleeding and transplantation procedures) 4.Non-woven (easy to use for open and minimal invasive procedures, useful in urology, gynecology, cardiovascular, general and peripheral vascular surgery)

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