Laparoscopic surgery

Our products: Our medical staplers - from the endocutter stapler to the circular stapler

Our products meet the highest quality standards, every instrument is individually tested for functionality. The product range extends from medical staplers, which are mainly used in (minimally invasive) operations in laparoscopy, open surgery and coloproctology, to equipment for any operations such as retriever bags, skin staplers and removers, right through to protective items (surgical face masks, protective gowns) and products for wound care.

Medical Staplers from Stapleline – 10 years of expertise

However, the main focus has always been on the development and improvement of our medical staplers, which we have been developing and selling for more than 10 years. Our most popular instruments are the Endocutter Stapler, the Circular Stapler, the Automatic Clip Applicator and the Linear Stapler, all of which are used in the above-mentioned fields.
Our team of engineers is constantly looking for new solutions and concepts to make the stapling instruments even more user friendly and precise. Quality and precision are essential when it comes to the patient´s health and wellbeing.

New to the range: protective items

In the course of the corona pandemic, we have also included various protective items in our range, as the need for these is increasing sharply, especially in the medical field. Respiratory masks and protective gowns have proved to be extremely effective and ensure cleanliness and sterility in the operating room.
In addition, the product “Epiprotect” promises the best results in wound healing, especially after diverse burns. Epiprotect can be compared to a second skin that protects the wound from contamination and enables oxygen to be exchanged with the environment.
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